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Full Service Pet Hotel

Your Ortega Animal Care Center in San Juan Capistrano experience would not be complete without a tour of our luxurious Five-Star San Juan Capistrano Pet Hotel. Each pet suite is individually decorated with all the creature comforts you or your pet could imagine.

Our pampered dogs enjoy suites with raised beds, window views, homey décor and televisions in every suite area. In addition to lounging in one of our posh suites, our canine guests can also enjoy a full array of doggie delights including, personalized play time, splash pools, and Doggie Play Group.

We also understand a cat’s individual needs and cater to their aristocratic tastes. Nothing is too good for our finicky felines so we’ve decorated their suites with tiffany lamps, cozy beds, soft pillows, specially designed climbing structures and lounging shelves. For those who like a little extra, we offer the option of individual laser tag play time and one-on-one kitty cuddles provided by our attentive pet hotel staff is here to assist you and your pet with both outpatient and inpatient care.

Open 24/7/365.

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Upgrade From A Kennel To Our Pet Hotel

If you have to leave your pet behind you want to make sure that he or she is comfortable, safe and secure while you are away. At OACC we understand that your pet’s comfort and security is essential, and we offer an amazing pet hotel in San Juan Capistrano that is sure to meet your every expectation.

Those Extra Features

While a well-run boarding kennel is often a pet owner’s first consideration, once you see our pet hotel we will be your go to facility when you have to leave your dog or cat for a short or longer time.

For dogs we offer raised beds with comfy blankets, a beautiful window view of the great outdoors and all the luxuries of home. Each suite is designed to look like a room in a home and is complete with a television turned to a dog friendly show.

Cats, as we all know, need even more pampering and we provide soft lighting, pillows and bedding, climbing structures and a lot of unique spaces to just enjoy a comfortable cat nap.

Play Time at our Pet Hotel in San Juan Capistrano

All pets enjoying a stay at our South Orange County pet hotel will enjoy personalized attention and activities carefully selected for their socialization and comfort levels. For dogs we offer walks and individualized play or group play time for those dogs that enjoy the company of other similar sized pooches.

While cats are more relaxed we do have laser tag play time and lots of petting from staff to keep them secure and relaxed but also getting the attention and exercise they need. If you are interested in keeping your pet at our pet hotel in San Juan Capistrano give us a call. We can discuss any special care needs that you have to ensure you and your pet can relax and enjoy your time away from home.