Selecting Top Pet Boarding Facilities In San Juan Capistrano

Leaving a dog or cat at a pet boarding facility when you have to travel for business or pleasure is never easy. However, it is also the best option for many pets and it ensures top quality care, attention and support for your pet while you are away.

For some people, especially those that entertain over the holidays, pet boarding in San Juan Capistrano is also a great idea for those days when you are going to have a house full of people. Your dogs, and your cats, can come to our pet hotel for boarding and enjoy their own suite, lots of attention and features, and even a day at our pet spa. This allows you the time you need to get ready and avoids the stress that a lot of visitors to the house can create.

What to Consider

At the luxurious OACC pet boarding facility we provide your pets with a true hotel experience. They have their own suite complete with bedding, televisions and all the comforts of home.

Both dogs and cats will receive one-on-one attention throughout the day from our cat and dog boarding staff. Dogs will have routine walks and play time and, if you choose, they can also enjoy romping with other similar sized, well-socialized dogs in our Doggie Play Group.

Cats will enjoy time cuddling with the staff, climbing around on the in suite climbing structures and even playing a game of laser tag with our staff.

Your Pet's Care in San Juan Capistrano

Our staff is here to ensure that your San Juan Capistrano pet boarding experience is the best possible. We provide one-on-one attention for each of our guests in our South Orange County cat and dog boarding facility and, with luxurious settings and lots to do and see, our guests are always happy, content and well cared for.

And, as pet owners ourselves, we know how important these factors are when selecting a boarding facility, just stop by and you will see what we mean.