The Importance Of Regular Vet Visits For Animal Care In San Juan Capistrano

For most pet owners animal care is relatively minimal if the companion pet or small animal is healthy. However, it is through routine, preventative treatments, vaccinations and regular vet checks that animals stay healthy.

There are several important areas of preventative animal care that we stress at Ortega Animal Care Center in San Juan Capistrano. By following these simple guidelines people that have dogs, cats and other small animals can most effectively plan regular vet visits and ensure that all proactive treatment options are up to date.


An important part of animal care for your cats and dogs in San Juan Capistrano is to keep them free from parasites. Parasite problems can contribute to lower immune system functioning and greater complications if other health conditions are present.

Regular worming, heartworm treatment and flea and tick treatments not only keep your pet free from these problems but also prevents potential health issues such as flea allergies and bites for the humans in the house as well.


Many common pet health issues can be prevented or greatly reduced when pets have their annual vaccinations. This is true if your pet is an indoor or outdoor cat or dog or other small companion animal.

Our vets at OACC in San Juan Capistrano can explain to you just how important vaccinations are in preventative animal care. Combining routine vet exams with regular parasite and pest treatments, excellent diet, routine exercise and lots of love and attention your pets have the best opportunity for early detection of any health issues.