The Importance Of Pet Grooming Services In San Juan Capistrano

While many pet owners, particularly those that have indoor dogs and cats, may consider pet grooming strictly a cosmetic process, there is real advantages to your pet with routine grooming.

At our San Juan Capistrano pet grooming facilities our professional, experienced, and skilled groomers are here to ensure that your pet gets the care and attention he or she deserves to have a healthy coat and skin, trimmed nails, and carefully checked ears and eyes with every grooming procedure.

Beyond Basic Pet Grooming

Our grooming service can offer your pet at true spa experience. We can start your pet off with a wonderful aromatherapy bath that will not only relax your pooch but also treat the coat and skin. We also offer a dog friendly fragrance for after the bath to keep that just out of the spa scent.

Other Features

You dog will enjoy visiting our pet grooming service in San Juan Capistrano as he or she gets a full facial, a bubble bath paw treatment and even dog safe nail color for that unique look.

Dogs love our grooming service. Our groomers are highly trained professionals that have been with OACC for years. They truly love their jobs and always give your dog the specific attention that your pet needs.

We can complete everything from basic bathing and pet grooming services through to specific breed cuts for show or just for those special events. Give us a call to book your appointment or drop by our office in San Juan Capistrano to learn more.