san juan capo pet boarding staff

Alexis Campos

Hi there, my name is Alexis Campos and I've been working at Ortega Animal Care Center since 2015. The best part of my job is working in such a fun environment with the dogs in playgroup. Outside of work, I attend Saddleback College as a full time student. I try to make the most of my free time by hanging out with friends when I'm not playing soccer.

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Maria Cuevas

Hi, my name is Maria Cuevas. I am a full time student in college and a part time employee at Ortega Animal Care Center. I am a Pet Hotel attendant and also work in Play Group. I have two dogs, “Kiko” and “Chavo”. I love working with animals and learning their different personalities. I believe every animal deserves to be treated with love and respect.

san juan pet boarding staff

Bradley Dodds

san juan pet boarding

Colin Dresser

Hi My name is Colin Dresser and I have been working at OACC since 2013. In the future I would like to become a Zoologist because I love animals. I love being able to work with animals everyday and my favorite animal is a silverback gorilla.

san juan capo pet boarding

Keanna Gorton

Hello, my name is Keanna Gorton. I started working here at OACC in February 2015. I absolutely love animals and always have since I was a little girl. Working here and being surrounded by loving animals all day and watching them play in Play Group and taking care of them in our Pet Hotel has been an awesome experience! I love animals and I love my job!

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Parker Henry

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Christian Lowance

pet boarding, south orange county

Jenna Luke

Hi, my name is Jenna and I’ve worked at Ortega Animal Care Center since February 2013. I’m a pet hotel employee and what I love most about my job is spending time with all of the animals. Before I came to OACC, I took an animal care health care class and did an internship here. I have a Pomeranian named “Sugar” who I could not live without.

san juan capo pet boarding

Morgan Mcalister

Hello! My name is Morgan McAlister. I have been working at OACC since May 2015, and I have had a blast working here! Not only do we get to interact with the animals, but we learn about their personalities and what makes them unique. I am currently going to school to pursue a biology career, although I am still figuring out what specific career I would enjoy! In my free time, I enjoy traveling, going to the beach or planning road trips with my friends!

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Colin Murphy

Hi, I’m Colin Murphy and I have been working at OACC since May 2011. I enjoy spending time with the animals and creating a friendly professional relationship with the clients. My black lab “Sheba” comes to work with me every day and is a regular player in our play group. I am presently majoring in Business and while I am not balancing school and work, I enjoy surfing, playing soccer, and spending time with my family.

san juan capistrano pet boarding

Tiana Rios

Hi, my name is Tiana Rios and I started working at OACC in July of 2014 and I love coming to work and seeing all the wonderful, happy and loving dogs and cats we have staying in our pet hotel and the ones playing in play group. I was born and raised on a small ranch here in San Juan Capistrano and I have cared for and taken in numerous livestock animals, such as pigs, sheep, goats, chickens and cows. I truly enjoy and love to be around animals and believe that every animal has their own personality and deserves to be loved. During my free time, I enjoy gardening, going to the beach, and playing with my two dogs, four cats, my goat and chicken!

pet boarding in sjc

Micheline Rudnick

Pet Hotel and Play Group Manager

Hi, my name is Miche and I’ve been with Ortega Animal Care Center since Spring of 2012. I love my job as the Pet Hotel and Play Group Manager. I appreciate the relationships I have created with my co-workers, the familiar faces of our clients, and the pets that come to visit our facility. As a full time student studying Political Science/Economics and as a full time employee at OACC, I make the most of my free time by spending as much time at the beach as possible, surfing, swimming, and enjoying the California sun.

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Javier Sanchez

Hello my name is Javier Sanchez. I am a part time Pet Hotel attendant here at Ortega Animal Care Center. I love working with animals. I have one dog named “Bubba”. I am working toward my Criminal Justice degree and go to school part-time.

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Sergio Sanchez

Hi my name is Sergio and I work at Ortega Animal Care Center as a pet hotel and playgroup attendant. I enjoy my job working with animals and in a positive environment with great co-workers and happy customers. In my spare time I play in my soccer league and spend time with my friends.

pet boarding in san juan capo

Chase Tamillo

Hello, my name is Chase, and I have been employed at Ortega Animal Care Center since spring of 2012 working alongside friends, coworkers and happy animals. I am currently attending college full time to pursue a degree in Engineering. In my free time I enjoy mountain biking and surfing.

san juan pet boarding staff

Moises Torres

Hi, my name is Moises Torres. I love my job at OACC because I enjoy working with animals in playgroup and playing with all the pets that come here. I feel lucky to have such a fun job getting to do something I love everyday. In my free time I play soccer with my soccer league United FC.

Brent Utterback

Brent Utterback

Hi, my name is Brent and I joined the OACC team in fall of 2014 as a Pet Hotel and Playgroup attendant. I am a former zookeeper and have a passion for working with animals of all shapes and sizes. I'm currently studying full time to fulfill my dream of becoming a veterinarian one day. I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with animals everyday and I strive to make their visits at OACC as enjoyable as possible. While I'm not working or keeping my grades up, I enjoy riding my motorcycle, rock climbing, watching football, and spending time at the beach.

Samantha Welch

Samantha Welch

Hi, My name is Samantha Welch. I am a full-time student and part-time employee at OACC. I am attending Platt College to become a registered veterinary technician. I love working in Play Group and seeing all the dogs interact with each other. I have two dogs of my own named Gracie and Millie.

san juan capo pet boarding staff

Christopher Yuen

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