How does Acupuncture work?

Acupuncture can be used alongside pharmaceuticals and other therapies such as low level laser as part of a multi-modal pain management plan. Acupuncture works by tricking the body into thinking it was injured. The body’s own response is then initiated to decrease pain, increase healing, and normalise the body. The needles have effects locally, segmentally along the spinal cord, and systemically. It is important that the animal is relaxed and comfortable during treatment for the best response. Most animals respond very well to acupuncture, and some may even fall asleep during treatment. The treatments will build upon the previous one until a steady state is reached. For this reason it is recommended to try 3-4 treatments weekly to determine if the pet will benefit from acupuncture. In acute cases this may be all the treatment the animal needs, and in chronic cases acupuncture may become part of a maintenance regimen. In those cases the frequency is weaned down to the lowest frequency possible. There is a small percentage of pets that do not respond to acupuncture or will not tolerate treatment. Other treatments such as low level laser therapy can be useful in these situations.