The process takes just a few moments but provides a lifetime for protection.

Microchipping Takes Just Seconds and Saves Lives

The thought of your beloved pet running away or being stolen is likely one of your worst nightmares. Sadly, these things happen every day. No matter how careful you are, it only takes a second for a cat to dart out an open door or a dog to dash through a gate. By having your pet microchipped, you can greatly increase your odds of seeing them again if the unthinkable ever strikes your family. Here at Ortega Animal Care Center, we perform microchipping for pets in San Juan Capistrano, Ladera Ranch, San Clemente, and the surrounding areas and highly recommend this simple procedure for most of our patients.

How It Works

Being microchipped is very similar to receiving a vaccination. The chip — which is about the size of a grain of uncooked rice — is inserted using a syringe. It takes only a second or two, and most pets only experience minor discomfort. There is no need for anesthesia, and pets can immediately return to their normal activities.

The microchip does not contain any personal information. Instead, every chip has an identification number that, once registered, is linked to an online account. This account is where you enter your phone number, address, and additional contact information. If your pet gets lost and is brought to a shelter or vet’s office, an employee will scan them for a microchip. When one is detected, the scanner will display the chip’s identification number, which will then be used to look up your information and reunite you with your precious pet.

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Microchipping in San Juan Capistrano

For microchipping in San Juan Capistrano, look no further than Ortega Animal Care Center. Contact us today to schedule your furry family member’s appointment! The process takes just a few moments but provides a lifetime for protection.

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